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Heavy Equipment Operators Are The Happiest Workers

Heavy equipment operators seem to love their work – and their machines. If you look around a building construction site you will notice a couple of things. If you look really closely, you may be surprised at what you see.

The first that strikes me is that heavy equipment operators are never far from their machines. Even when they stop for lunch, it is normally right alongside their machine and heaven help anyone who touches it. It’s certainly taboo to climb inside the cab without and invitation. In fact, I know many operators who don’t stop for lunch – they eat on the job and work right through their break time.

Why do heavy equipment operators like their job so much? There are plenty of reasons, it could be the feeling of power in their hands; or it could be the the fact they sit so far above everyone else.

In reality, they love their job because it’s a combination of creative and destructive. You may have to totally tear up a piece of round, then craft it back to a level surface to build on. Heavy equipment operators are employed, often to operate more than one type of machine and to do a wide variety of tasks. Of course they are happy; it’s the best job in the world!

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