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Today’s Heavy Equipment Luxury On Wheels

Heavy equipment job descriptions used to include terms such as ‘working in hot and dusty conditions’ or ‘prepared to work in weather extremes’. That is far from the situation today.

If you are fortunate to operate some of the latest heavy equipment models you would think you are in a control room. They now come fitted with air conditioning, filtered air, two-way radios, cd/radios with stereo speakers. I have seen one model that came fully equipped with a mini refrigerator to keep your drinks cool.

The days of freezing your butt off early in the morning then cooking in the afternoon are on their way out. No more breathing dust or getting soaked to the skin in an open cab. Today’s heavy equipment cabs are fully enclosed and weather proofed.

In the past, the controls were, at best, hydraulic assisted. Now you have the benefit of not just power steering, but also power assisted controls to operate the various devices. Heavy equipment operators from fifty years ago would not recognize these machines.

If this sounds like the career for you, perhaps you should look into training to enable you to get your foot in the door. ATS Heavy Equipment Training Schools have a variety of training programs – check them out to assess your options.

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