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Choosing The Right Crane Operator School

If you have a desire to become a crane operator, then your first step should be to research the best crane operator training schools. Crane operations go far beyond just pushing levers to raise and lower a cable with a load on it. There are safety aspects to be considered. You need to know how to stabilize your crane before you even start to lift, and you need to be able calculate the best way to move a load given its weight and the conditions.

There are many different ways to learn how to operate any equipment. You can have a friend teach you, or you can just teach yourself. However, you are really only learning how to push those levers. This means you may be able to operate a crane, but you’re definitely not a crane operator. In fact, you now require certification before you can step onto a crane and no employer will look at you without that certification.

When looking for a crane operator training school, look for those that have a long history of successfully training operators. You should also look for those that offer certification as a crane operator as well. The best crane operator training combines in-class and in-the-cab training that gives you both the skills and knowledge to work effectively as a crane operator.

Associated Training Services (ATS) has been in the business of training for over 40 years. They offer crane operator training and certification for both new entrants and old hands looking to refresh their skills (and gain certification). If you are looking for quality training to kick start your crane operator career, look no further – ATS have the experience and follow-up services that will give you every opportunity to not just obtain a certification, but to find employment as well.

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