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Crane Operators Amongst Highest Paid Construction Workers

Are crane operators well paid? According to the Wall Street Journal they are. At least, some crane operators in New York City are. The report suggested that some crane operators in the city were earning up to $500,000 each year in wages and benefits. And no, that’s not a misprint; they are collecting a half million each year.

Of course, the majority of crane operators are on far less than that – probably more like 10%, but $50,000 a year is still nothing to sneeze at. If you make it to a high rise crane operator’s position, your wage will be significantly more. Still, statistics show that crane operators in general are amongst the highest paid workers on construction sites.

If you consider the responsibility that sits in the hands of a crane operator, then you can understand why they are well paid. If you look at mobile crane operators, they still have a lot of responsibility in their hands. Their job can be dangerous, especially to others, and as such need to be very competent, very reliable, and very safe in the way they work.

Because of those demands on crane operators, it is hard to get reliable and skilled workers into the profession. This is one of the reasons why they draw larger paychecks than most others – employers have to offer better wages, benefits, and conditions to attract those good operators.

It takes several years experience before you can attract those higher paychecks, and that experience needs to demonstrate your reliability and skill. The only way you can ever hope to build a good long term career as a crane operator is by having a good skill foundation to begin with, and that requires quality crane operator training through a well respected training organization.

Undertake training today to become a crane operator, and who knows, in ten years time you could be operating one of those high rise cranes and taking home paychecks that most of us can only dream about.

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