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Certification, Break the Mold and Take the Job that you Deserve

Once anyone has spent a few years without certification as an unskilled laborer they tend to think that life is as good as it gets. While many unskilled labor jobs can be enjoyable, you can make great friends, meet people and have a pleasant working environment; you will almost certainly be lacking in job security and financial stability. Certification gives you these things, but what should you be certified for? What is involved in obtaining certification? Is certification expensive? How long does it take to get certified? These are all questions that many people who are considering getting certification want to ask and rightly so.

While there are many types of certification that one might get, we are going to talk about the type of certification that we are familiar with. Heavy equipment certification, truck driving certification and carpentry certification are all offered by us here at Associated Training Services. If you are already in construction or a related industry, you might have wondered how the heavy equipment operators got to where they are. There are essentially two ways that you can go about obtaining your heavy equipment certification, one you can hope that someone up top in your company will see your potential and train you. That is unlikely but for some heavy equipment operators it did happen. The alternative is to take matters into your own hands and get certification at one of our schools. Whether you are interested in heavy equipment, truck driving or carpentry, the process is much the same.

The length of time that it takes to obtain your certification will depend on your schedule. It is a relatively quick process that can be done over a short period of time if you train full time. It takes a little longer to get certification on a part time schedule, but then training is set up so that you can work and train at the same time. If you are interested in finding how long it will take for a particular type of certification, please feel free to contact us at Associated Training Services and ask about the specific course that you are interested in.

Certification is not cheap, especially if you are training in heavy equipment. We realize that it is tough for some people to afford and in order to help them with this we offer financial aid to qualified candidates. There is no way around it, working in machines that cost hundreds of thousands of dollars is always going to add up. Still our prices our affordable when you take a look at what is involved, the professionalism of our instructors and the extra earning potential that you will have once you have obtained certification.

If you are not certified, don’t put it off any longer. Certification has changed many lives for the better and it can do the same for you.

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