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Are You Seeing Bulldozers At Work Yet?

It is fairly early in the year, but I am starting to see bulldozers out and about. In some areas, the weather is such that bulldozer operators can grab an early start to the year. Their tasks at present are limited to preparing land for projects. Some are road projects where everything is taken out. Others are working on housing projects where many trees and some vegetation is left behind.

The other thing I am noticing is the growing demand for bulldozer operators. At this time of the year it is often to handle snow plows and the like, however, this year there are increasing requests for general land clearing bulldozer operators. This could be the perfect opportunity for anyone considering a career change.

It only takes three weeks. That’s all. Put yourself into the hands of a qualified instructor at ATS Heavy Equipment Operator school and they will have trained you and have you ready to accept your first job. The only effort you need is to commit yourself to the training. We have decades of experience training heavy equipment operators and we also know the labor market and what skills and attributes they require of their workers.

If a job as a bulldozer operator sounds attractive, give us a call to discuss your training options. We can also provide assistance with finance and finance applications and, once successfully through the training program, job placement assistance to find that first job. We offer a one stop solution for all your heavy equipment training needs. Employers are looking for bulldozer operators – are you our next success story?

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