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America Was Built On The Backs Of Bulldozers

Bulldozers in one form or another have been responsible for much of what we call home. From the woodlands that were cleared to make way for agriculture to the swamps and grasslands that have been cleared to make way for housing – all of it undertaken by bulldozers. Sure, in the early days it was more a case of a tractor with a blade attached to the front – that is not the case these days. Now we have purpose-built heavy equipment that makes those old tractors look like toys.

However, the principle is still the same. A strong motor pushes a blade across the top of the ground, carving away the unwanted top layer. What has changed in an attempt to make these machines more powerful is the adoption of tracks rather than wheels. Tracks spread the weight of the bulldozer thereby providing more traction – and with it more grunt.

Learning to operate a bulldozer is really a breeze. They look complicated but in reality the bulldozer is one of the least complicated of all heavy earth moving equipment. As I have alluded to, a bulldozer is nothing more than a powerful engine mounted on tracks that pushes a blade around. Sure, the blade can be raised and lowered and even tilted forward and back a little. Otherwise, it’s a simple machine.

Being a simple machine, the controls are likewise quite simple. Learning to operate a bulldozer is easy. Learning to be a bulldozer operator, now that is another story. Most of us could operate a bulldozer with a couple of hours training. However, like all jobs, operating a piece of machinery and being a skilled operator are two different things. Knowing the soil and how it will react to being pushed around; knowing your machine and how to maintain it; and knowledge of workplace safety are some of the components that come together to make a skilled operator.

If you would like to become a skilled bulldozer operator or a skilled heavy equipment operator then you will need to undertake a training program from a skilled group of trainers. ATS Heavy Equipment Operator Schools are the people you need to talk to. With over 45 years of training experience, they know what skills employers want and they deliver. Join the next wave of skilled bulldozer operators who gained their skills through ATS. Call today for more information on the next available training program.

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