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Bulldozers Don’t Lay Quiet In Winter

Although many areas are covered in snow, there is still a lot of work going on that utilizes the power of bulldozers. Land clearing in preparation for spring and summer building programs are high on the agenda. It can be difficult building houses when the weather is unpredictable, but you can certainly clear the land and prepare areas like roads and home sites.

Construction is not the only area where bulldozers are being kept busy. Winter is a good time to commence land restoration programs. The bulldozers work to remove old unwanted vegetation. The land is worked, often with composted material so that when spring starts to warm the air, vegetation native to that area can be planted. The soil is rich and ready to take the new vegetation whilst competition is low having been shaved off by the bulldozers.

These two jobs have several things in common apart from being winter jobs. They both involve land clearing to a purpose, to a design or plan. They can both have bulldozers working at precarious angles (at least they seem to be precarious) as they clear away the sides of hills. For new housing developments, the bulldozer may also need to carve out embankments for new roads, bridges and waterways.

Training operate a bulldozer is not that difficult given the modern equipment in use. Most freshly trained operators could work on either of these projects if close supervision is available. They are certainly good for developing skills and gaining valuable hours in the operator’s seat. ATS Heavy Equipment Operator Schools can get the ball rolling with hands on training in bulldozers. Before you know it, you could be out there helping to clear the next major housing development.

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