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Bulldozers – Plenty Of Muscle With A Touch Of Finesse

Bulldozers, they really are one of the muscle machines when it comes to construction and land clearing. Their job is not to dig so much as to carve and push huge quantities of dirt. These days though, a bulldozer is also built to include a touch of finesse to its work. Watch a bulldozer spreading gravel or road base; they come pretty close to achieving what the older road graders used to achieve.

Modern bulldozers have all sorts of mod cons. Some come equipped with GPS, others with laser, many with both. Computer systems are becoming the norm in new heavy equipment and bulldozers haven’t been spared the technology. At this rate, it won’t be long and you will need control room training rather bulldozer operator training.

Maybe it won’t quite get to that point. I still think that knowing what the dirt is doing is half the job. A machine will never be able to replicate fully what we can do with our hands and eyes. Even so, bulldozer training is becoming more involved all the time. The need for training on fairly modern equipment is also becoming important. I know of some training firms that are using equipment that is 20-30 years old – they should be in museums rather than on training grounds.

ATS Heavy Equipment Operator Schools have a proud record of providing industry with skilled bulldozer operators – operators that are ready to work the day they finish their training. Not only are our operators highly skilled, they have a good working knowledge of technology and how it affects their day to day operations. If you have ever considered a career as a bulldozer operator, now is a great time to act. Complete your training now and be ready for an expected jump in demand as winter ends and spring sees the start of hundreds of construction projects. Contact ATS for more information on bulldozer operator training.

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