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How NOT To Use Bobcat Loaders

Bobcat loaders are the little relatives of skid steer loaders. They have become popular machines due to their ability to get into small areas. They do the same work as their larger loader relatives such as the front-end loader, just in miniature.

You will often find these machines buzzing around construction sites cleaning up once all the major construction work has been completed. I have seen them at work on demolition sites as well, taking part in the final clean up.

A story on Twitter was passed on to me yesterday and I must admit I hadn’t come across this situation before. Imagine demolishing a house using a bobcat loader – from the inside? I am not joking, you can read the story here.

In a nutshell, the operator, after a dispute with his neighbor, simply drove his bobcat loader into the house and started knocking the walls down. How he didn’t end up with the roof crashing down around his ears I don’t know – perhaps he knew a little about demolition work.

This is definitely a case of how not to operate a bobcat loader. They are expensive machines that are becoming very popular. Whilst they can and do work effectively on demolition sites, the heavy part is normally left to the larger heavy equipment. It certainly sounds like the ultimate way of seeking revenge.

Loader training will provide you with the skills required to operate skill steer loaders and bobcat loaders, however, before deciding to demolish a home, make sure the home owner gives their permission first.

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