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Backhoes – Unique In The Field Of Heavy Equipment

One of the busiest machines on a construction site is often the backhoe. Being so versatile, they can perform any number of jobs, and that makes them valuable to any business. The more experience a backhoe operator has on a variety of jobs, the more valued that operator becomes.

Backhoes are unique in the heavy equipment field. They can perform a lot of the work that an excavator does, and they can perform a lot of the work that a loader does. With the right attachments, a backhoe can even perform light bulldozing work. To add to their value, backhoes can be quite nimble, working in smaller areas than their larger counterparts.

To work as a backhoe operator, you need the skills that encompass both an excavator and a loader. When looking at training options, the ideal training program will give a student access to all three pieces of equipment along with some time on alternates like a bulldozer and grader. This gives the operator a broad exposure to heavy equipment whilst allowing them to concentrate on the skills requires to operate a backhoe.

ATS Heavy Equipment Operator Schools deliver training across a range of machinery including:

    Wheel Loaders
    Road Graders

If you’re interested in a career as a heavy equipment operator, then contact us for more information on available training programs. You’ll find more information on our training programs including how to apply on our main website. Training programs start on a regular basis with students graduation ready for employment in as little as three weeks. Our career services department is there to help graduates find their first job in the heavy equipment industry – that’s everything a person requires to launch themselves into a new career in this industry. If the backhoe isn’t quite what you’re looking for, then you can try your hand at bulldozers, graders or anyone of a dozen other pieces of heavy equipment.

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