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Backhoes The Demolition Experts

Need heavy equipment to help with a demolition job? The backhoe could just be the ideal tool. Backhoes are one of the most versatile pieces of heavy equipment used in construction. Their ‘hoe’ is ideal for digging trenches, knocking down walls, and even ‘raking’ debris into a pile. The loader at the front is then ideal for cleaning up debris by scooping it up and emptying it all into dump trucks.

A backhoe’s versatility doesn’t end there. Backhoes are one of several pieces of heavy equipment that can have specialized tools attached. These tools include a breaker that can be used to break up concrete blocks. A backhoe will often be called in to do this job in situations where the concrete is too large or too thick for standard jackhammers. The breaker is only one of many attachments that include tools such as an auger, a grapple, and single and triple shank rippers. Together, these tools make a backhoe a very handy tool around demolition sites.


A little less effective is an excavator. Excavators have the same range of attachments that a backhoe supports, however, an excavator doesn’t have the scoop at the front to collect and remove debris. A second piece of equipment in the form of a loader is required. One trend is to replace backhoes with mini-excavators and bob cars. Between them, they offer a lot of flexibility and can be used very effectively in confined spaces. That option does require two heavy equipment operators, a cost factor that businesses are ever mindful of.

The recommendation from the industry now is fairly simple – learn to operate as many different types of heavy equipment as possible. Whilst backhoes are still popular, it is wise to also learn how to operate an excavator and loader, and perhaps a bulldozer as well. Heavy equipment training through ATS Heavy Equipment Operator Training Schools is delivered using a wide range of machinery. You can graduate with well-developed skills in a variety of heavy equipment giving you the versatility to pick and choose the jobs that appeal to the most.

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