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A Pair Of Backhoes Can Make Short Work Of A Demolition Job

I noticed a house that suffered severe fire damage several months ago being demolished by a pair of backhoes the other day. They certainly made short work of the job. Within two days the house was gone, totally gone.

What strikes me as amazing sometimes is just how versatile a backhoe can be. Sure, over the years the number of attachments available for a backhoe has grown considerably. To actually see them at work, and the speed with which an experienced operator can switch attachments is equally impressive.

Obviously the two old timers operating their machines had a lot of experience between them. They knew exactly what to do, when to do it, and more importantly, where to start. That would most likely have got me to begin with. Working as a team, they slowly took that house apart and as they went, it was all loaded onto trucks and carted away.

Experience and knowledge is something that is developed over time. I called these two old timers simply because they were. They looked to be pushing 55, perhaps 60, but in reality, age is irrelevant. I have also seen operators in their mid twenties with the skills to match these two. It isn’t how long you have been operating a backhoe that matters, it’s what you learn each and every day that matters.

This learning starts of course with backhoe training from a quality training company. Once you have that solid base of knowledge behind you, you are ready to work in the real world. You can then build your experience and skills on a daily basis. Who knows, one day it might be you I see pulling down an old building – I must say, it did look like fun.

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