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Backhoes – At Least They Clean Up After They Have Finished

Backhoes have one major advantage over most other heavy equipment. After they have finished digging a hole, they can turn around and use their scoop to clean up the mess they have made. Bulldozers can move mountains, but they still need a loader to load the unwanted material onto trucks.

Excavators can at least dig a hole and deposit the material straight into a truck. However, it can be a slow process considering how much a bucket holds compared to a scoop. For the backhoe, it can dig a trench as long as necessary, help to lower the pipes, for example, into that trench then use the scoop to back fill the trench before loading the leftover material straight into a truck. The complete all-in-one package.

Many operators shun backhoes considering them to be the babies of the heavy equipment fleet. They are often smaller in size than some of the other machines in use, however, don’t be fooled. There are some decent sized backhoes around as well. In fact, the skills required to operate a backhoe encompass several machines.

To operate a backhoe effectively, you require the skills of an excavator operator together with those of a loader operator. It also helps to have a little knowledge of crane operations as well. Of course, this all depends on what attachments have been added.

If you are looking at a career as either an excavator or loader operator then you may want to consider combining both skills to become a backhoe operator. You can still operate an excavator or loader whilst having the backup skills for the backhoe. For most training institutions, backhoe operator training is undertaken as part of a broader heavy equipment training program. It makes sense these days to multi-skill – you will always be employable then.

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