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Backhoes Earn Their Keep On Housing Projects

One of the most versatile members of the heavy equipment family are backhoes and they really do earn their keep when it comes to housing projects. The reason for backhoes being so popular is because they are able to perform all the work required – the ultimate multi-task machine.

Backhoes are able to perform a lot of the work of a bulldozer, clearing the land ready for construction. Whilst they may not have the power of a bulldozer, they still pack plenty of grunt and their scoop at the front not only cuts into the surface like bulldozer, it can also carry the dirt the same as a front end loader. There are two units of heavy equipment taken out of the picture.

Once the ground has been cleared, the backhoe can act like an excavator and dig trenches for foundations and for services that require underground pipelines. There is a third unit of heavy equipment covered.

If the ground is particularly hard, there are numerous attachments that can be added to help break it up – a task that would take half a dozen men a couple of days to do using pick-axes or by using explosives.

Backhoes are versatile enough to do all of those task and more. They are also one of the few pieces of heavy equipment that maneuver around a house whilst under construction and clean up all the debris and left over construction material.

Training to operate backhoes is done as part of an overall heavy equipment training program. This is a great way to learn how to operate a backhoe since you also gain skills on bulldozers, excavators and front end loaders. You gain the skills and the understanding of these machines, which ultimately helps in your role as a backhoe operator. It also provides you with alternative career options when required.

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