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An Exciting Career Starts With Crane Operator Training

Crane operators have an interesting career. At first glance, you may think that a crane operator’s role is fairly repetitive. However, that thought really doesn’t take into account how complex a crane operator’s role can be. Take a fixed construction crane. Sure, they spend all day lifting (or lowering) building materials, however, every lift is different with environmental factors like wind playing a big role.

A mobile crane operator’s working life is very different to that of a fixed crane operator. As the name suggests, a mobile crane is frequently on the move, going from one job to another, and it’s rare for any two jobs to be the same. A mobile crane operator may find themselves on a construction site today, in someone’s backyard tomorrow as they help install an in-ground swimming pool, and out on the highway the following day helping to retrieve a car or truck that has run off the road.

Each and every job is different, and a mobile crane operator’s skills are put to the test whilst still in the truck driver’s cab – they have to pick the best position to locate their crane (taking in all environmental factors). They then need to stabilize their crane off the wheels – you don’t want to be rolling whilst in the middle of a lift. Finally, they need to do the actual work. The irony often is that setting up can take longer than the actual lift, and once completed, the whole set-up process needs to be reversed.

Crane operators do lead an interesting life, especially if they are in control of a mobile crane. Mobile crane operators are paid well, and there is always demand for crane operators somewhere. If you’re considering a career change, consider a career as a crane operator – it only takes a few weeks of crane operator training and you’re ready to start work.

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