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Mobile Crane Operators In Charge Of Monsters

The term “mobile crane” probably invokes a picture of a smallish vehicle that has a crane on its back. These vehicles are common, however, mobile cranes are not necessarily small. There are mobile cranes around that dwarf large tractor-trailers, and which are capable of lifting huge weights.

Large mobile cranes often end up on a worksite where they are placed in semi-permanent positions for weeks or even months. The total extended boom length can be measured in hundreds of feet whilst the whole rig can weigh a hundred ton or more. Despite being a large vehicle, the principles behind its operation are no different to that of a small lightweight mobile crane.

It’s fairly easy to become a mobile crane operator. A few short weeks of crane operator training, an assessment to prove your knowledge and abilities, and a piece of paper that states you’re now certified to operate mobile cranes. That’s it. The training involves a lot of hands-on practice, including how to set up your mobile crane ready for work. There is also classroom-based training that looks at safety and other knowledge-based areas of crane operations.

Crane operators are in constant demand around the nation. Unfortunately for industry, crane operations has been an unwanted career in the under 25 age groups. This means the industry is struggling to replace baby boomers who are now reaching retirement age. Crane operations can be challenging, interesting and varied. Add to this a great pay packet with excellent benefits and you have the potential for a great career. As a mobile crane operator, you could be operating small lightweight cranes, or you could be in control of a monster.

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