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Mobile Crane Operator Jobs Are Challenging, And Fun

Mobile crane operators have one of the most varied and interesting careers. Fixed rig crane operators tend to spend their days doing the same thing – the only time the job becomes really interesting is when the crane needs to be moved and then it’s back to the same role. Mobile crane operators are moving their crane constantly, and every job is very different to the last.

If you’re looking for a job that offers challenges, then mobile crane operators have that by the bag load. Every job brings new challenges. Fixing their crane so that it is stable can be tough enough. Then there are variable conditions such as weather and buildings, power lines and other obstacles. Fixed cranes are, as the name suggests, fixed in the one spot for extended periods. The weather can still be a challenging variable, however, the environment is fairly stable.

Even training to be a mobile crane operator has its challenges. You obviously need to learn how to operate a crane, and you will also need to learn how to drive a crane – and that will require a commercial drivers license. You will also need to pass the requirements to become certified as a crane operator – a requirement under state and federal regulations.

The best way to face those training challenges is by selecting a good quality crane operator training school.

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