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Add A Commercial Drivers License To Your Employees Skills Base

Are you a heavy equipment contractor? Do you employ heavy equipment operators? Have you considered encouraging your heavy equipment operators to gain a commercial drivers license? As a business owner, having employees that are multi-skilled makes a lot of sense and can, over time, save your business a lot of money.

The heavy equipment industry is a classic example of where multi-skilled employees can be a real boon. How many small jobs have you had over the past 12 months, is my next question. These are the jobs where you send out a piece of heavy equipment to do a job and then retrieve it at the end of the day, or at some stage during the day, with the job done. For most contractors, they load up the trailer and have it driven to the work-site then the tractor and trailer (sometimes only the tractor) return to base only to have to go back out at the end of the day.

This takes two employees, one for the tractor trailer and one to operate the heavy equipment. It also means a heavier use of fuel with an extra return trip added to the job. If your heavy equipment operators have their commercial drivers licenses, you can send them out with the tractor, trailer and equipment and they can return when the job has been completed. There is no waiting around, only a single employer required, and a significant saving in fuel – all costs that affect your bottom line.

In fact, the amount of money saved over a twelve month period could well truly cover the cost of training. As an employer, you could sponsor the training of your employees and still show an increase in profits at the end of the year. Training through Associated Training Services only takes three weeks – three weeks that could significantly boost your bottom line.

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