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Stuck In Rut? Consider A Truck Driving Career

A truck driving career offers one thing that many other careers can’t match – constant change. At least, a constant change in scenery. Truck driving covers a broad spectrum of jobs ranging from your local delivery driver to tractor-trailer drivers that transport heavy equipment and on to interstate transport drivers. You can find a career that really suits your personal situation.

For many family oriented people, being home each night to help tuck the kids into bed is important. Local delivery drivers often start early in the morning and finish early in the afternoon. You’re not only in time to tuck the kids into bed, you’re home in time to spend some quality time with them. Local delivery truck drivers transport everything. You could be driving a refrigerated truck carrying frozen foods, perhaps carrying timber to building sites, or delivering parcels from the local freight depot.

At the other end of the spectrum are those who are single, or whose children have grown up, or who feel the need to escape the bedlam at home. They drive the interstate transport trucks and can be away from home for several days at a time. Like local truck drivers, interstate drivers carry a wide range of products. You name a product and you can almost guarantee a truck has been involved with it somewhere along the line.

All these truck drivers have one thing in common – they had to undertake training in order to obtain their truck driving licenses. ATS Truck Driving Schools has been a leader in the field for over forty years, having trained thousands of drivers during that time. Our truck driver training program is comprehensive and includes both behind the wheel on the road training and classroom based training.

If you feel your career is going nowhere, why not consider a truck driving career? You can be sure it will take you somewhere.

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