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Your Training Financial Options

If you’ve been contemplating heavy equipment training, truck driver training, or crane operator training and you’re wondering how you’re going to pay for the training, then you might look into financial aid or financial options to help you pay for it. The important thing is that you get your career off the ground seamlessly and without obstacles.

When it comes to financial aid for career training, there are different levels of assistance you may qualify for.

  • There are quite a few state and federal grants, which amounts to free money that you don’t have to pay back.
  • You might also qualify for an educational scholarship.
  • If all else fails, you can take out a career loan.

Concerning grants, you could qualify for several types of grants from a variety of organizations. The Workforce Investment Act (WIA) is a federal program enacted by President Bill Clinton while in office. It is designed to provide funding for educational purposes for people pursuing certain types of careers.

Other financial assistance programs include:

  • Department of Workforce Development
  • Trade Adjustment Act (TAA)
  • Displaced Workers
  • Displaced Farmers
  • Vocational Rehabilitation
  • Tribal Education (BIA
  • Veterans Benefits (VA)

Don’t let lack of education funds hold you up on your career plans. If you need money for training, seek out financial aid from one of the programs for which you might qualify.

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