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Ever Wondered About Hydraulics And Heavy Equipment?

The majority of heavy equipment in operation today relies on the power of hydraulics. Have you ever wondered what it actually is? I could give you the Wikipedia definition:

Hydraulics is a topic of science and engineering dealing with the mechanical properties of liquids. Hydraulics is part of the more general discipline of fluid power.

It doesn’t really say much does it? In simple terms, hydraulics is the use of a fluid, in the case of heavy equipment, fluid is used under pressure to provide and action. For example, most cars rely on hydraulics for their braking power. Fluid is pumped to the break pads which forces them to close over the braking component of the wheel forcing it to slow – that is a very simple explanation.

In heavy equipment, fluid is pumped and the pressure used to raise the arms of a bucket, or tilt the bucket for loading or emptying. Fluid can be pumped along narrow hoses and can be far more effective than using mechanics.

As an operator of heavy equipment, part of your daily routine is to check hydraulic fluid levels and all the hydraulic hoses to ensure that every thing is good working order. A leak of hydraulic fluid can seriously reduce the power of the equipment you are operating.

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