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Heavy Equipment Suffers Frost Bite Too

Seasonal conditions can wreak havoc with the best laid plans. It could be raining hard – but that’s okay, you have windshield wipers. It could be a quagmire or two inches of snow – but that is why you have tracks and not wheels. It could be five degrees below – now your heavy equipment could have problems.

Freezing temperatures can cause a lot of problems when it comes to heavy equipment. Below freezing temperatures will often cause problems with any liquids used – hydraulic fluids, oil, water – these can all be affected. Engines are slow to start and take a long while to warm up. You can buy special anti freeze products that will often help.

One problem that many new operators don’t consider, or even realize could be a problem, is frost bite – and yes, heavy equipment can suffer a form of frost bite. This is the situation where the metal becomes so cold that it becomes brittle. Try digging and rather than performing normally, the digging tool snaps or shatters.

This is a common problem and some manufacturers even recommend heating some attachments with a torch before using them. This returns the steel to it tough state removing its brittleness. If you are going to be operating in extreme conditions, maintenance becomes extremely important. Well maintained heavy equipment can withstand extremes and continue to operate.

These are just some of the difficulties faced by new operators. Those new operators that have had training through a professional accredited heavy equipment training school will be taught how to handle some of these situations better preparing them for the workplace. That’s why employers prefer to employ new operators that have undertaken professional accredited training.

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