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What Are The Major Causes Of Heavy Equipment Accidents?

I read a report a little while ago that claimed there were three major causes of workplace accidents involving heavy equipment. The first was lack of adequate training, the second was lack of experience and the third was, lack of adequate training. I know, You are going to say I have repeated myself.

That quote is right however. There is operational training and their is safety training. Whilst the two go hand in hand – they are also completely separate. We can train you to operate heavy equipment. You can find employment and get the experience, however with out that added dimension of safety training, you will not know how to avoid potentially dangerous situations. More importantly, you will not know how to remove yourself from that situation.

Workplace health and safety are becoming compulsory in almost every work environment in almost every state in almost every country. You see, there is a worldwide trend to reduce workplace accidents. Employers don’t need them, they slow down production. Employees don’t need them, they have the potential to affect pay packets and lifestyle.

At ATS Heavy Equipment Training Schools we acknowledge the need to include safety training as part of your training program so we include accredited safety training. What is the fourth cause of accidents, poor maintenance. Guess what? We include basic preventative maintenance in the training as well.

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