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Heavy Equipment Safety Training A Must

When it comes to heavy equipment, bulldozers are heavy. They are designed to cut and push large quantities of material around with little effort. With their size and weight there are bound to be dangers, in fact, they can cause serious injury and even death, if not operated properly.

Sometimes the situation can be as simple as overhead power lines. At other times it can be the danger of people and vehicles moving in close proximity to the machine. Heavy equipment often comes with one major problem, they can be slow to action in an emergency. Not only can they be slow to react, if you can image a bulldozer pushing a large rock, even thought he bulldozer has come to a stop, the large rock may still move a little, particularly on a slope.

The same can be said if the bulldozer is being used as crane. The bulldozer may come to a stop but the load may continue to swing. Often, the only solution to operating a bulldozer safely is to have a second person on the ground who can provide directions and warnings to both the operator and those on the ground.

Ultimately, only qualified and trained workers should be allowed to operate and ride on bulldozers. The training should also include safety aspects as set down by state and national authorities. ATS Heavy Equipment Training Schools provides a comprehensive regime of bulldozer training that includes safety aspects, maintenance checks and of course the operation of the equipment. Enroll now and secure a discount on training fees – hurry, offer ends December 31.

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