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Women Finding Careers As Bulldozer Operators

Women have been in heavy equipment for a long time, particularly when it comes to working on the land, in landscaping, and in family earth moving businesses. They have also been involved in careers such as truck driving, careers that have long been considered male bastions. Modern bulldozers, although large heavy machines, are no different to driving a car once you gain the required skills. Funnily enough, it is the general public that consider these careers to be male bastions. Employers and coworkers think nothing of working alongside a woman in most of these areas.

The only thing holding a woman back from working as a heavy equipment operator is the woman herself. ATS Heavy Equipment Operator Schools have been training women in these skills for many years, and they have moved on to very successful careers. Bulldozers have been a popular choice for women, probably more so than most other forms of heavy equipment.

Training to become a bulldozer operator can be completed in as little as three weeks. In fact, one of the benefits of a career as a heavy equipment operator is that it is age, gender and background neutral. Being skills based, the training focus is on learning how to operate the equipment. That is not to say there is no classroom-based training; safety, for example, is an important part of any heavy equipment training and some of this training needs to be theoretical.

Careers in the heavy equipment environment have become open in recent years with emphasis more on one’s ability to do the job rather than gender (or age for that matter). If you’re interested in become a bulldozer operator, or an operator of any form of heavy equipment, whether your male of female, young or old, or from any background, contact ATS for details on our heavy equipment training programs. There could be a whole new career just waiting for you.

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