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Women Excelling In Truck Driving Careers

Over the past ten years there has been a mini-boom in the number of women taking on truck driving careers. It’s understandable. In the past, truck drivers needed to be strong and well bulked up in the upper part of the body. There were two reason; the first, was simply steering those old tractor-trailers. I mean, we are talking about a period, not all that long ago either, when power steering was virtually unknown – you needed brute strength to handle that steering wheel. These days, power steering makes the process a breeze.

Truck drivers also needed a certain level of strength to tie down their loads. These days, there are untold strap tightening devices to help out – a seven year old could learn to tie down a load. Strength is no longer the issue so that has opened the door to women to train as truck drivers.

ATS Truck Driver Training Schools can now prepare students for a truck driving career in as little as three weeks. Add another week or so to obtain your Class A Commercial Drivers License and you’re ready for the road. Are women being employed as truck drivers? They most certainly are. They are proving to be skilled, reliable and much tougher mentally sometimes than the men.

If a career driving trucks sounds appealing to you, contact us at ATS Truck Driver Training Schools – we will have you in the driver’s seat in no time – man or woman. When it comes to driving trucks, there is little in the way of discrimination to consider.

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