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Why Scrapers Are Useful

Why scrapers are useful heavy equipment to have on a construction site. In many ways, they are more beneficial than bulldozers. A bulldozer has a blade that is useful for pushing dirt or snow for short distances. The problem is, once the blade has pushed its limit, then you’re done. You have to push it to the side and start over. Scrapers don’t have that limitation.

Scrapers have a blade for pushing. On that note, they have something in common with dozers. But where they have the advantage is being able to pick up the load they push and dumping it into a dump truck-like compartment for hauling. Because of this extra capacity, the scraper can push more dirt in a shorter period of time and haul it off to a dumping site. Having one scraper on the construction site eliminates at least two pieces of heavy equipment but more than likely three.

Without a scraper, you’d have to bulldoze the dirt then pick it up with a backhoe and dump it into a dump truck for hauling. You can do all of that with one scraper.

Keep in mind, however, that a scraper does not have a bucket. It has a blade that forces the dirt into the wagon part of the machine. Once the wagon is full, you drive it to the dumping location.

If you want to set yourself apart on the construction site, learn how to operate a scraper. You’ll be a valuable member of the team with a marketable and valuable skill.

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