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Learn To Operate A Scraper

You’ve likely seen scrapers on a few construction sites as you drive by, especially large projects. If you live or drive by any mines in your neck of the woods, then you’ve probably seen them parked there (unless they were in the mine doing their job).

Scrapers come in various sizes and with several different components.

Usually, you’ll see them with a bowl. This is a huge piece of equipment that moves vertically and that uses a sharp horizontal front edge. This piece of equipment is used to cut into soil, clay, or other hard ground surfaces and scrape the surface layer into the bowl.

Some scrapers come with elevator-like scraper units used to load materials. Another type of scraper is a tandem scraper, which uses a separate tractor and is designed to get better traction in slippery areas or on slopes.

Another type of scraper is one that uses two scraper mechanisms in a push-pull motion to allow the machine to load more material faster.

Scrapers are also loaded with hydraulic augers for pulling material out of mines, depressions, quarries, and other earth indentions.

There are other variations of scrapers that you’ll see, which are often used on farms, in mines, or on heavy construction sites. You’ll learn everything you need to know to operate a scraper safely in heavy equipment school.

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