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What Is A Career Loan?

Career loans are designed to help you attend a study program of your choice with a nominated training provider. These loans can be used to pay for your tuition, accommodation, and other living expenses. Once approved you make a down payment when enrolling. The loan is then used to cover the balance of the training cost. You may also be able to obtain additional cash to help pay for other living expenses while in training.

At ATS Heavy Equipment Training Schools there are several financing options. Each school in our network has relationships with national lending institutions which offer loans to our students. You can fill out an application through our financing page.

Alternatively, USA Finance may make a loan to an individual for tuition and in-school housing. You makes a down payment upon starting class and the balance of tuition and housing can be financed. The down payment amount is determined after the USA Finance Credit Application is received and reviewed.

As with all finance, your credit record will play an important role in qualifying for financing. Students with a negative credit records should get co-signers with good credit.

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