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Two Resources For ATS Grads

If you are looking into being a heavy equipment operator, it means you have seen the potential for making a living in this skilled trade. But that potential is really reduced if the training program you choose just throws information at you, hands you a piece of paper saying you graduated, and disappears into oblivion.

ATS Heavy Equipment Operator Training School does just the opposite with our students and graduates. In fact, there are two life-long resources for ATS grads if they need them: Employment Assistance and the placement website, Total Resources Network.

Employment Assistance

From the time you enter ATS for class, there’s employment assistance available. Every student is interviewed and given personal career counseling, including soft skills training for interviews and resumes, etc. By the time a student graduates, a customized packet of potential job information has been compiled and will be given to that grad.

This packet is made up of job leads that are in the industries and geographic locations the graduate is interested in and if more help is needed they can always contact us for more leads. Always. This is a lifetime, nationwide service for ATS students and graduates. We keep a database of constantly updated employer information for job leads and are always ready to help.

Total Resources Network

The placement website, Total Resources Network, isn’t just a list of possible openings. This is a site for professionals in the skilled trades industries to connect and develop their networks. Along with that database of job leads, there are ways for ATS grads to post their resumes and applications and find matches for their unique credentials and interests.

Employers can access the site and look at those postings to contact the people they are interested in hiring. Personnel, jobs, and training are interconnected and effective. It’s one of the reasons ATS is able to say we provide lifetime employment assistance and support.

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