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Truck Driving Careers For Men And Women

One of the big changes that has taken place over the last twenty years has been in the number of women that have taken on truck driving as a career. When you think about a truck driver, most people imagine beer swilling, foul mouthed men in singlets and shorts – nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, many businesses now provide their truck drivers with a uniform of sorts, even if it’s just a monogrammed shirt.

Women entering the truck driving ranks has become easier over the years and most employers now don’t balk at hiring a woman driver. The reality is that today’s trucks don’t require brute strength; they have power steering and gear boxes that almost change up or down on their own. Truck drivers are rarely required to load or unload their cargo – that is left to specialized equipment like forklifts or overhead cranes.

Like all careers, the learning curve for women is no different to that of men. Truck driver training schools like ATS Truck Driving School can have a student ready to sit for their commercial drivers license in as little as three weeks. That is three weeks of solid behind the wheel training together with in class theoretical knowledge building.

If you are woman looking for a different type of career – why not consider taking on truck driving. The work is interesting, the pay good and the opportunities there. Women and truck driving have been a successful mix for many years now and you can be a part of it too.

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