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Take The Easy Path To A Commercial Drivers License

There are always two ways to get things done – the easy way and the hard way. When looking to obtain your commercial drivers license, the same is true. The hard way – try to teach yourself, or be trained by a driver who has bad driving habits and isn’t up to date with the road rules, or the easy way – through a truck driver training school with 40 years experience training drivers. I know what my preference is – what’s yours?

Being trained by skilled truck driver trainers ensures you don’t pick up bad habits right from day one. Bad habits are one of the biggest problems in any occupation because once developed they are extremely hard to break. They say that it takes five days to develop a habit, and five weeks of conscious effort to break them. If you start with good habits, you will have a lifetime of good driving skills. Learning to drive a truck and then acquiring your commercial drivers license goes well beyond habits, however. You need good skills, particularly in some of the trickier aspects like reversing a tractor and trailer – it’s not as easy as it looks.

Highway driving, particularly in traffic, is another skill that needs to be developed. Some of these bigger rigs require a lot of road space to stop, even in an emergency. Learning these skills is essential if you are to have a long and happy career as a truck driver. Your commercial drivers license is simply a test (perhaps simple is the wrong word) that a well trained driver should pass with ease. It does come back to that basic truck driver training.

ATS Truck Driver Training Schools have the experience, the skilled trainers and the industry respect when it comes to producing well trained truck drivers. If you’re driving down the highway and you meet a truck coming the other way, who do you want behind the wheel of that truck, a well trained driver or one that has learned a lot of bad habits? I hope its an ATS trained driver!

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