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Training on Loaders Is Provides An Easy Entry To Heavy Equipment

Training on loaders is one way to start in the heavy equipment industry. After all, they are one of the most important construction, mining and quarry tools. By design, their primary function is short-distance load and carry, hence the name loader or wheel loader.

Having said that, not all loaders were created equally. In fact at last count they were over twenty different loader manufacturers with models ranging from the very basic to some very sophisticated modern mechanical beasts with exotic stick controls. Training on loaders, while sounding straightforward is still quite involved.

Loaders are material handlers and over the years manufacturers have found that they could satisfy more work places by changing the lifting arms and adding attachments. The advent of quick couplers has completely changed the wheel loaders and what they are capable of. Training on loaders now often includes a range of attachments designed to perform a wide range of tasks.

In the past if you wanted to dig a hole your choices were a shovel, track loader, excavator, or backhoe loader. If you wanted to grade you could use a bulldozer or a motor grader. Today when you look at a job it is not so much the type of machinery you are going to use, it is which attachment you need to complete the task.

ATS Heavy Equipment Operator Schools provide training on loaders as part of their heavy equipment training course. If you think a career as a loader driver is right for you then check out the information and video on our home pages.

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