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Training Is Not Complete Without A Job Placement Service

Heavy equipment training is obviously designed to provide you with the skills so you can gain employment as an operator. There are many training schools that offer this training, however, few of them stand behind their training by offering a job placement service. Most of them provide you with the skills, often through very good training, but leave you on your own to find that first job.

There are several heavy equipment training schools that offer job placement services to their graduates. ATS Heavy Equipment Operator Schools is one such company. We stand firmly behind our training and work with graduates to help them find suitable employment. It’s an important service because new heavy equipment operators can find it difficult to get that ‘first’ start after completing training.

New graduates have one distinct disadvantage in the employment market – lack of experience and a lack of referees. ATS can help a graduate cross that hurdle due to our hard earned reputation for supplying industry with well trained and job ready graduates. We have had over 40 years experience in the field of training and through that time we have developed a strong reputation for quality training procedures.

Our job placement has a good record of helping those who really do want to find employment. We can provide graduates with leads to possible employers and help them with their applications. If you are interested in the field of heavy equipment then before settling on a training option, check on whether or not they provide a job placement service. Of course, since you’re here now, you may as well check out our heavy equipment training programs.

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