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Job Placement Assistance For All Who Graduate At ATS

If you graduate through ATS as a heavy equipment operator, truck driver or crane operator then we offer a job placement assistance program to help you find your first job. Notice I said we help you find your first job. We don’t find the job for you although we do point you in the direction of any vacancies, obviously.

There is a reason why we don’t find jobs for our graduates. They are all individuals and everyone has a different goal, a different need and different social and family situations. It’s impossible to get inside someone’s head to determine what all of these are. If we found you a job, chances are, it would clash with one or more of those situations causing you to fail in your first job. We don’t want that and neither do you. Our job placement program helps to put you in touch with possible employers. You can then apply for and accept jobs that you know will fit in with your lifestyle.

Confidence is a second reason why we help you to find work. If you win a job in a new career because of your own endeavors then it becomes quite special. If someone hands you a job on a plate, it’s not special and means little – apart from the work. So, if someone asks if we will find them a job – the answer is no, we won’t, but our job placement service will certainly help them find a job for themselves.

We have a proud record here at ATS Heavy Equipment Operator Schools for producing operators that are work ready. This means they are skilled in their heavy equipment of choice, have participated in workplace health and safety and have knowledge of basic daily maintenance procedure. If you’re an employer looking for skilled operators, contact us. If you’re looking for a career in heavy equipment, truck driving or crane operations, contact us to apply on line.

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