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Free Job Placement Service For All ATS Graduates

Is a job placement service worth considering when looking for work? Undertaking a heavy equipment training program is a sensible move considering the employment outlook for the next two years. However, if you are moving into the heavy equipment field from a totally unrelated field, you may be wondering where to look and how to secure that first job. If your training provider includes a job placement service then it is well worth considering as an aid to gaining that first job.

ATS Heavy Equipment Operator Schools have a free job placement service that is available to all students who attend one of their schools. From the moment you commence your training you can access the service and receive help identifying potential employers and in developing application material.

Job placement services that are attached to recognized training schools are ideally placed since they often communicate with and work with employers when delivering training programs. ATS, for example, has been delivering training for several decades. Over that time we have developed strong relationships with many employers. We know what skills they are looking for and what sort of people they prefer to employ.

Everyone is settling down to a peaceful Christmas period. This may be the perfect time to reflect on your current career and determine if you are going in the direction you want. If not, consider a career change and whilst doing that, consider a challenging yet exciting career as a heavy equipment operator. Undertake your training through ATS and our job placement service will help you find that first job.

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