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Crane Operator Training Boosted By Job Placement Service

One of the biggest fears that people experience prior to undertaking crane operator training is whether or not they will actually find a job once their training has been completed. It is a rational fear given the talk surrounding the economy. However, there are several things working in favor of new graduates, one of the most important being the amount of money going into new projects at present. Even more important is having someone who knows the industry providing a free job placement service.

ATS have a reputation for producing well trained crane operators. Because of this reputation, employers listen when graduates are promoted for possible operator vacancies. ATS have also over 25 years experience training crane operators for industry. During this time we have developed a considerable database of possible future employers, a database that graduates can access to gain contact details.

Each of our training centers has a job placement service. Students who wish to use the service are interviewed prior to training and provided with a job placement assistance package. Job placement is one of our priorities at ATS since your success is effectively a measure of our success.

Crane operator training will provide the skills necessary to gain entry level employment into the industry. With the demand for all types of heavy equipment operators on the increase employers are looking to training organizations like ATS to supply the current shortfall – crane operators as well. In fact the demand at present is probably greatest for mobile crane operators.

If you are considering a career change and the role of a mobile crane operator appeals to you, give us a call to discuss the training options and ongoing employment prospects. Crane operator training can have your work ready is as little as three weeks – are you ready? Our job placement service is!

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