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Job Placement Adds Real Value To Your Training

Changing careers can be a rather scary experience and this is particularly true if you try to do it without some type of job placement assistance. Before commencing training, your knowledge and life experiences have all centered around your previous career(s). For many just starting out in heavy equipment, they have little knowledge of the industry itself, let alone potential employers.

It’s not just knowing who the potential employers are. Once you have been in the industry for several years you become aware of who are good employers and who you need to steer away from. An industry specific job placement service already has this information – by the bucket load.

Training organizations such as ATS Heavy Equipment Training Schools have been able to build a reputation, not over years, but over decades, for providing well trained operators to the industry. ATS have also seen employers come and go with the more successful businesses providing good employment opportunities for graduates.

As a graduate of ATS you are able to access their job placement service and take advantage of the wealth of knowledge and information they have been able to gather. There are employers that come to ATS when seeking new operators for their businesses. Why? Because of the reputation that ATS has.

If you are considering a career change to heavy equipment operations, be sure to check what post training assistance there is to help you find that first work opportunity. If they don’t offer a decent job placement service then I suggest you look at other training providers. The cost of heavy equipment training is not low – you need to ensure that every dollar you spend is used to its fullest -this includes making use of their heavy equipment job placement service.

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