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Snare One Of Those Vacancies Through Our Job Placement Service

Some people consider a job placement service to be just that, a service that finds a job, any old job, and sends you off to it. These days, no one can afford to do that if they want to remain credible within the industry. Some employers want resumes, others want application letters whilst many others want both. Knowing what employers expect is part of a modern job placement service and the only way you can develop that knowledge is through experience.

Just because you have completed your heavy equipment training doesn’t mean you will be guaranteed employment. In fact, finding your first job can be harder than the training itself. There are many employers that simply won’t employ green operators. They want operators with experience, often many years experience. It’s a bit of an oxymoron at times. How can you get the experience they require if they refuse to employ green operators that are looking to gain some experience.

That doesn’t mean the jobs aren’t out there nor does it mean that every employer is like that. A good job placement service knows which employers are willing to take on someone new to the industry. There are some employers who will take on green operators, but only if they come through certain training schools – the ones with good training reputations.

We are fortunate here at ATS Heavy Equipment Operator Schools – or rather, our graduates are. We have a job placement service that helps new operators put together job applications. We also have a good track record for providing employers with well trained operators. Finally, we know the employment market. With over 25 years experience in training, we have developed a strong rapport with employers. There are employers who will take on our new graduates and help them gain experience.

The heavy equipment operator job market is starting to open up. Employers are being forced to take on new recruits because of the lack of experienced operators. Now is the best time to commence your training and to make use of our job placement service to snare that first job and to start gaining the experience required to become a well sought after operator. The jobs are there; the training is here; where are you?

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