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Times Are Tough Yet Financial Aid May Kick Start A Heavy Equipment Career

Despite the tough times, or perhaps because of them, there is a lot of financial aid available for those considering a career as a heavy equipment operator. Financial aid can be found in two areas: career loans that you will need to repay and financial aid programs provided by various government departments. Realistically, if you don’t qualify for one – for example, a career loan – then there is a good chance you may qualify for one of the government programs.

The easiest way to handle the situation is to start by applying for financial aid at ATS Heavy Equipment Operator Schools. Your application will be processed quickly and someone will get back to you with the outcome. If you are not successful with a loan application, you can discuss which government programs may be suited to your situation. (Note: these programs are run by government departments so the criteria and the aid available is always changing. You will need to consult with their stake holders to ensure you do meet eligibility requirements – our advice can only be taken as a guide).

Financial loans can be a great way to retrain for a new career. When it comes to heavy equipment, your training is completed in three weeks and then you’re ready to enter the workplace. Considering the paychecks available to operators, your loan will be repaid many times over within the first twelve months of employment.

If you have been considering a career change, or your looking to re-enter the workplace and a career as a heavy equipment operator appeals to you, contact us to find out whether or not there is financial aid available to meet the costs of heavy equipment training.

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