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The Lumbering Giant Of The Heavy Equipment World

One of the largest machines in the heavy equipment category are the large excavators. They can be lumbering giants, slowly crawling around a construction site on huge tracks. The buckets are huge and can lift a lot of dirt in one load.

As the name suggests, excavators dig and dig deep. They can be slow and ponderous, but they are certainly make up for speed by moving a lot of dirt at once. Excavators are more in the brute classification than finesse. They dig out the earth using brute strength – for finesse, you need to call in some of the smaller heavy equipment machines.

Learning to operate an excavator is not that difficult, however learning the different types of earth that is going to be dug does takes time, and experience. As with all heavy equipment, safe work practices are an important part of your training. Being able to excavate a construction to plans without causing any damage or injury is the most important component.

ATS Heavy Equipment Training School can provide you with the training and skills to get you started in a career as an excavator operator. Visit them today to pick up your free brochure or DVD. Stay awhile and view the online videos, particularly those from former students.

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