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Heavy Equipment: More On Excavators

Excavators are heavy equipment used in mining, construction and other civil works. The machine consists of a cab mounted on a turntable atop an undercarriage with tracks or wheels. The term excavator is often used to describe any piece of digging equipment.

Large excavators are useful for digging foundations and other huge projects that require heavy equipment. There are times when you will need a smaller excavator to handle a job. These smaller excavators are also called compact excavators or mini excavators.

Excavators often have attachments that can be fitted in place of the bucket. These attachments include jackhammers, shovels, grapples, and augers. Grapples are similar to claws and are used to grasp objects. Hydraulic mining excavators often uses shovels. Augers are similar to a drill bit, and are used to move materials.

The role of excavators is to dig holes, trenches, and foundations. In addition, excavators can be used in demolition, general landscaping, grading, heavy lifting, laying pipes, river dredging, mining, open-pit mining, and brush cutting.

No matter what the use, an excavator operator requires training and ATS Heavy Equipment Training Schools have all the accredited training you may require to work in the construction industry.

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