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Compact Excavators Are Not Heavy Equipment – They Still Rule The Gardens

Heavy equipment operators, particularly those that are prepared to go out into the mines, or perhaps out onto the oil rig, do so with the one ambition of working hard, saving their money and buying a heavy equipment machine of their own.

One of the popular choices is the compact or mini excavator. These are easy to operate and, more importantly, easy to transport from one job to another. The feature of these machines are similar to their heavy equipment brothers. They do however have several real benefits to the owner operator.

Where the space is tight or the job is near another structure, the compact excavator can operate efficiently the area much easier than a bigger excavator. If the work to be done is in a sensitive area that won’t tolerate a heavier load, like inside a house block, the lower weight of the compact excavator allows the machine to perform with little impact on the surrounding environment.

Despite their size they still deliver a lot of power so they are popular in landscape gardening and for digging utilities trenches ready for pipe laying. Some compact excavators have zero tail swing; this means that no portion of the machine extends beyond the footprint of the tracks as the machine rotates a full 360 degrees. This feature is important when working in tight areas like next to a wall or fence.

Compact excavators may not be large heavy equipment machine, when it comes to small jobs like building gardens, they rule! Owning and operating a compact excavator starts with the basic training in heavy equipment use. ATS Heavy Equipment Training Schools can provide this basic training and have you up and running operator this type of equipment very quickly.

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