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The Landscaping Industry

Landscaping covers a variety of roles. It covers a variety of activities that modify the visible features of land, including all living elements, such as fauna and flora. Landscaping incorporates gardening, which involves the art and craft of growing plants with the central focus and goal of creating an attractive landscape.

Landscape Equipment

There are several different kinds of equipment used for landscaping. Examples of landscaping equipment include:

  • Tractors
  • Augers and bits
  • Tillers and cultivators
  • Snow removal equipment
  • Mowers
  • Handheld blowers
  • Chainsaws
  • Brushcutters
  • Weedeaters
  • Trimmers and edgers
  • Pressure washers
  • Generators
  • Power tools

The Duties of a Landscaper

A landscaper has a variety of responsibilities. Here are some of those duties:

  • Building maintenance and groundskeeping tasks.
  • Mow the lawn.
  • Trim the lawn’s edges, including around walks, flower beds, and walls.
  • Plant flowers, grass, shrubs, and bushes and keep them looking their best.
  • Fertilize the ground to enhance growth.
  • Apply pesticides to get rid of pests, such as ticks, fleas, wasps, and mosquitoes.
  • Shovel snow from walkways and ramps.
  • Sprinkle salt to prevent falls.
  • Remove snow from parking lots.
  • Perform routine maintenance duties, such as fixing fountains and applying plaster as needed.
  • Sweeping walkways and porches.
  • Blowing leaves off sidewalks and away from structures.
  • Cutting down dangerous tree limbs.
  • Trim shrubs and plants and pull weeds.
  • Perform maintenance and minor repairs to landscaping equipment.
  • Install lawn furniture.
  • Mulch, prune, and rake around the grounds as needed.
  • Install cement, rock, water, lighting, and furniture.
  • Water plants and grass.

Training and On-the-Job Experience

To handle the duties of landscaping, you need to get the proper training. There are specialty schools that offer those who want to pursue a career in the landscape field the proper training. ATS offers training for many different career fields. To learn more about the landscaping opportunities available and to register for classes, call one of our friendly representatives today at (800) 383-7364.

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