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The Grades Of Bulldozer – What’s Your Preference

What sort of person are you? Do you like being the person to put the finishing touches on a job? Perhaps your the kind of person who is technical and works to measurements, angles and depths? Or are you the brute who rolls up their sleeves and uses brute force to get a job done? Whatever your style there is a bulldozer to suit.

Heavy equipment is not just about operating a big powerful brute. When it comes to bulldozers there are many different styles, classes and even attachments that can be used.

If your the finishing kind of person, there are smaller lighter quite nimble machines that are designed for putting those finishing touches to an area. They are the types of machines that can smooth over rough patches, help to spread sand and other materials ready for construction or road building.

Next in line are your general purpose machines. Designed to push a lot of earth around, shape the ground in both depth and to certain angles or slopes. These are the machines you see on most construction jobs.

Finally their is the brute. These are the large machines often used in mines or in waste dumps. They push huge amounts of dirt, garbage or raw materials in quick time. Despite their size they are quite nimble.

What is your preference – light on your feet or the big brute? ATS Heavy Equipment Training Schools can you started on your career in bulldozer operations.

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