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Bulldozers Come In All Sizes

Some bulldozers are quite small and are great for landscaping and other small jobs such as finishing work. There are other bulldozers that are huge – generally used in open cut mines and forestry. These machines are equipped to push tonnes of dirt around with a single thrust.

This bulldozer is only a small to medium size piece of heavy equipment. No matter the size, all operators start out the same, learning the basics along with all safety requirements. From there all operators get out in the field to learn how to handle the ‘dirt’. That is the one lesson that all operators continue to learn throughout their operating careers.

Bigger just means more grunt and more dirt being pushed around. Smaller means less grunt, less dirt, but more finesse as the bulldozer ‘finishes’ the job.

Careers don’t just happen, you need to make them happen. Whether you want to operate one of those massive open cut mine bulldozers, or one of those small landscaping machines, you need to get some basic training, and that all starts by enrolling at ATS Heavy Equipment Training Schools.

Get into the drivers seat of bulldozer and start to carve out the ground. The power you have in your hands is amazing. Look at a paddock full of scrub at the start of a job then look back at a completely bare patch of ground ready to build on – you did that – all it took was a foot in the door created by an accredited training school.

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