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Heavy Equipment Grunt Meets IT Know How

One of the biggest problems with heavy equipment in the past has been accuracy. These machines do a great job of moving, digging, scrapping and grading. However there is often a need for either smaller equipment or hand tools to finish of the job.

Enter science and the role of the computer, or at least the computer chip. These days, new heavy equipment come complete with small on board computers and laser levels to help with the fine details of a job.

Take a bulldozer is equipped with lasers. This enable the operator to undertake very accurate grading. The more accurate the operation can be, the more productive the job. If the bulldozer can complete more of the grading fine touches, less manual labor will be needed to complete the job. This is of course a cost saving which is extremely important in this modern age.

The bulldozer’s laser works by emitting a beam of laser light that rotates around the work area. It is generally mounted just above the bulldozer tractor to avoid any obstructions. The bulldozer’s blade is also equipped with a receiver so as the bulldozer blade moves, the receiver sends information back to the operator with corrections to keep the blade as accurate as possible.

Increasing the bulldozer’s accuracy is a great help on many job sites. The work is faster, the grading levels are more precise and less manual labor is needed. Of course, the heavy equipment is only as good as the operator and the operator is only as good as the training and experience received.

Gain the right sort of training through an organization like ATS Heavy Equipment Training Schools and you could find yourself in the driving seat operating a laser guided bulldozer.

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