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Danger And Excitement As A Bulldozer Operator

The height of summer and fortunately there haven’t been too many serious fires as yet. One of the most exciting and most dangerous jobs that a bulldozer operator can experience is as a wildfire fighter.

Bulldozer are an important part of all firefighting crews that deal with forest and bush land fires. As operators you job has many different aspects. Cutting fire trails so firefighter can get in or simply firebreaks to try to stop or slow a wild fire is dangerous enough.

Other jobs include trying to bury smoldering woodland using dirt, sand or gravel. Bulldozer operators have often worked so close to fires their paint work has blistered from heat.

Once the danger of the fire has passed, their is the cleanup work, leveling areas that have been devastated ensuring there are no smoldering logs ready to star the blaze all over again. Clearing land where perhaps a house or barn once stood and helping to rebuild roads that have suffered from the heat.

A dangerous and exciting job fighting fires, but someone has to do it. If you want to learn the skills required to operate a bulldozer you should perhaps consider training through ATS Heavy Equipment Training Schools.

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