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Heavy Equipment – Who Is The Brute – The Grader Or Bullodozer

Heavy equipment comes in all shapes and sizes. The bigger pieces of equipment can really pack some punch. A bulldozer is capable of pushing large amounts of material around. The grader can also push huge amounts of dirt around. So, in the world of heavy equipment, who is the brute?

Most people would opt for the bulldozer and why not, they can certainly push a lot of dirt around. Graders, however can also push the same amount of dirt.

When it comes to brute strength, they both have what it takes. Bulldozers are a little like a meat cleaver. They get stuck in and use their brute strength to carve up the earth and push it to one side.

Graders, on the other hand, use the same brute strength to push dirt around, but they are more like a fine slicing knife, using force to sculpt the land pushing the dirt out to the side while the blades dig in and peel the earth away.

They both use brute force, one in a brutal way, the other in gentler carving motion. The end result, the bulldozer has cleaned the rubbish and top dirt away. The grader can now come in and start to the shape the earth for the final steps of construction.

You cannot compare them. They both use brute strength for different jobs and different outcomes. To learn how to operate either one or both of these, check out ATS Heavy Equipment Training Schools for more information.

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